Why is Tamborine Mountain Distillery a must-see?

Tamborine Mountain DistilleryA gem tucked away in Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland, Tamborine Mountain Distillery is the country’s most acclaimed and internationally-recognised distillery that acts as a tourist magnet for visitors across the world.
This is one of Australia’s smallest family owned and operated pot still distilleries.

Ever wondered what makes the spirits of this distillery so special?  There is ‘magic’ in the red volcanic soils on the mountain,add to it the water from the many fresh cascading springs, the use of superior distilling methods by way of distilling from small copper pot stills and VOILA – an end result  of a very high quality spirit!  The owners’ Michael and Alla Ward have maintained high quality standards in the production of their vodkas, grappas, eau de vie and liqueurs.

An extensive range of their produce of fine spirits,not to mention eclectic giftware and object d’art further enhance this amazing treasure trove.  That said, there’s more to Tamborine Mountain Distillery than just liqueurs. Here’s a lowdown on what else might capture your heart at the Tamborine Mountain Distillery:

Being a guest to a great host

Your experience at the Tamborine Mountain Distillery will find a new meaning with hosts like Michael and friendly staff.  Their warmth , hospitality and some warming tasting ‘tipples’ are sure to leave you with a feeling as if you’ve met an ‘old friend’!!
Over 100 flavors of delectable liqueurs and spirits to choose from where 80% of these have been awarded with platinum,gold,silver and bronze medals Internationally.Tamborine Mountain Distillery can boast of being the most awarded distillery in Australia in the new millennium !!
The gift shop spills over with a rich array of hand-made gift lines with a focus of the beauty of the ‘Belle Epoque’ era, – a time where beautiful and luscious cocktails were enjoyed.

Solitary bliss
If you’re in search of a place that is hidden away from the glares of city lights, then Tamborine Mountain is your ‘little slice of heaven’.  A perfect week-end  getaway, the Distillery has a distinct feel of a family business that is very different from others!
You can enjoy the many wineries, the brewery and the distillery while taking a leisurely stroll in a pristine atmosphere.

Tastings for as little as $5
You can taste the divine liqueurs for as little $5 (refundable for any purchase over $30) and take home a bottle or two of your favorite drop!

Now that you know why the Tamborine Mountain Distillery is such an attraction, make sure you keep it in your itinerary for your next visit to Tamborine Mountain – “The Green behind the Gold”!

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