Tips on how to say “bye-bye” to stress by visiting Mount Tamborine

Our modern way of life with its many advantages also brings along the bane of various levels of stress to our lives. Mount Tamborine is the ideal place to relax your tired body and soul.

Tamborine Song, Tambourine Mtns VideoAt the core of what Mt. Tamborine offers lies the breathtaking mountain and rainforest sceneries that one gets to experience all throughout and the clean and crisp mountain air. This is exactly what the term “far away from the maddening crowd” specifies. The serene and tranquil ambience of the Tamborine plateau nestled amidst the beauties of nature and abundant wildlife is where you should head to when the trials and tribulations of life tend to get the better of you. After all – Mother Nature soothes one’s weary soul like nothing else!

All that you can do on Tamborine Mountain

Mount Tamborine provides a plethora of options to unwind. A healthy amount of exercise always helps in countering stress. There is something to do for everyone and at all times of the year. No adventure seeking soul is ever going home disappointed after a visit to Mount Tamborine.

Tamborine Attractions, Flying Fox, Bungee Jumping

If a surge of adrenaline is what helps you tide over the boredom and monotonous drill of life, then head to “Thunderbird Park” which offers exciting options like horse riding and laser skirmish. The Skyfall Jump at the “TreeTop Challenge” is an extremely popular way to get your adrenaline pumping. Strolling down “Gallery Walk”’ is yet another popular stress busting activity. You can also choose to chill at the rainforest canopies or the underground glow worm caves. The mountain’s flora and fauna contribute towards Mount Tamborine being a Nature lover’s paradise in the true sense. The spectacular waterfalls and waterholes and the various picnic spots tucked away in the lap of Nature will certainly drive away all the stress and tension. No wonder people love flocking to the Tamborine National Park and the Botanic Gardens and Nurseries.

Wellness on Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain wellness programs have all been carefully designed to let you throw away all your worries and soak in the best of what Nature provides. Yoga, meditation, reflexology, massages, day spas or organic skincare – Mt Tamborine offers all this and more. Yoga programs and camps for all levels of enthusiasts have been made available up here. Just choose your favourite de-stress – you truly deserve the pampering. It will surely help you attain that much needed clarity of thoughts.

So when are you planning to sooth your tired mind and body in the lap of nature?

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