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Handmade Local Craft

“Craft Extravaganza” is an amazing Craft Fair featuring handmade crafts of exceptional quality made by 50 local and South East Queensland craft persons with a huge variety of work on display and all available for purchase at reasonable prices.  The Fair has been running for 12 years and has a reputation of showcasing some of the best handmade craft in the area.

“Craft Extravaganza” was established in 2003 when we held the first event in our own home on Tamborine Mountain before moving to the Pavilion in the Show Grounds and then the Vonda Youngman Community Centre.
Although small we were delighted with the success and knew that if we had a bigger venue and could attract more visitors it would become very successful.

From attending many craft shows as an exhibitor over many years we found that most were poorly organized and poorly attended so we decided to organize our own show.

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An amazing range of handmade items!

Our aim from the beginning was to create a first class event featuring quality and reasonably priced handmade craft ensuring that the exhibitors received excellent exposure to their hand made work and make a reasonable return for their efforts but at the same time raise funds for local worthy causes.

On learning that the Rural Fire Brigade received very little financial support from government and was run by volunteers who risked their lives in protecting our community we decided to support them.

So from a position 12 years ago where they had to beg and scrounge for donations simply to pay their fuel costs they  have been able to replace aging fire appliances, provide protection for staff in fire appliances with fire curtains and sprinkler systems, state of art communications and training equipment.  With the help of the Craft Extravaganza and other individuals and organizations they can concentrate on their work as fire fighters and not be concerned with fund raising.

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Crafts and Gifts and so much more!

Another great local organization, J C Epidemic (a not for profit Christian Youth Organization who stage extreme sports events in order to capture the attention of Australia’s young people and bring motivational and encouraging words to show them there are alternatives to drugs, crime and alcohol) run the café for the show providing lovely morning and afternoon teas coffee and tea.

The shows are held at the Vonda Youngman Community Centre, Main St. North Tamborine; open from 10am to 4pm.  They are three day events, with the first day being the most popular with our regular visitors who snap up the best bargains.

Craft Extravaganza 9th, 10th and 11th of October 2020

Admission is free although a gold coin donation to TMRF is appreciated.

“Craft Extravaganza”
Contact: Dorothy Holloway
Phone: (07) 5545 2822

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Handmade Arts & Craft at it’s finest – all made on Tamborine Mountain!