Things to Do at Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens

One of the greatest attractions on Tamborine Mountain are the Botanic Gardens – a stretch of sprawling greenery that covers 11 hectares of the mountain. A must-visit on your trip to Tamborine Mountain, the Botanic Garden is a slice of heaven where “tropical meets temperate”. Here’s why you should put the gardens on your itinerary when planning a trip to the mountain.

Get a glimpse of the exotic

The botanic gardens plays host to some of the most exotic flora present on the mountain. Right from rare Rhododendron species, flowering cherries, Magnolias, Camellias and Maples to Hydrangeas, Azalea and Liquidambars, the gardens have a wide display of these flowering plants that offer a vibrant mix of colors for you to enjoy.

Take a walk through themed gardens

The themed gardens of the Tamborine Mountain can be a beautiful setting for you to take a relaxing walk. There are many such gardens including Rose garden, Japanese garden, Bromeliad garden and Perennial / cottage garden, to name a few. These perfectly landscaped gardens remind you of an English countryside with features like pergolas covered with Wisteria vines, lakes and brooks with stone bridges and water bodies covered with floating water lilies.

Go on a forest trail

Not just gardens but tropical rain forests also form a part of the amazing Tamborine Mountain. You can go on a 100 metres of trail to discover the beauty of these forests.

Hone your gardening skills

If gardening is your much-loved hobby, there’s a lot waiting for you at these gardens. The gardens are maintained on a regular basis with a weekly ritual of mowing, planting, fertilizing and mulching, weed and disease control, irrigation, building and landscaping. You can volunteer in the maintenance of these gardens to carry out your favorite vocation.

Enjoy a picnic in the lap of nature

You’ll find many different ways on Tamborine Mountain that allow you to enjoy a meal amidst Mother Nature. Plentiful picnic supplies can be found at the local super markets, or how about picking up a complete luxurious picnic basket from “Spice of Life”?  Imagine sipping on a hot cup of coffee, biting into a succulent ham sandwich while listening to exotic bird song echoing in the verdant greenery – truly sublime!

Experience a wonderful climate

Since the mountain is situated at 550 metres above sea level, the climate is much cooler and less humid compared to the lower coastal areas, therefore offering a beautiful setting for a weekend getaway. There are plenty of beautiful bush walking tracks on Tamborine Mountain, and the Botanic Gardens offer many meandering paths inviting you to explore and admire the flora (and fauna!) of the area.

Capture breathtaking photographs

The Tamborine Mountain Botanic Garden is in full-bloom at all seasons. So, if you have an eye for photography you will be rewarded with some truly memorable shots.

However, you can also visit the Botanic Garden during the annual ‘Springtime on the Mountain’ Open Gardens Trail Festival held at the end of September each year when many of the beautiful gardens on Tamborine Mountain open their doors to the public. This event is the major fundraiser held by the Tamborine Mountain Garden Club who administers the Gardens.

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