How would you plan a perfect Tamborine Mountain wedding?

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Tamborine Mountain Wedding.

Mountain weddings offer a natural environment that can never be found in an urban settlement. It is not for nothing that young couples are heading to Tamborine Mountain for saying “I do..” to the love of their life. Mountain weddings are fun, different and provide a lot of options for an exclusive wedding everybody will remember for years to come.

However, you need to plan your mountain wedding well in advance to make it the best day of your life. Glance through the following to find out how you should plan your wedding day:

Have a budget

Always make sure you work out your budget before you start with your wedding plans. This avoids any cost blowouts and keeps the bride and groom’s parents happy!

Consult a wedding planner

Contacting a wedding planner such as “The TM Wedding Gallery” helps greatly to ensure the success of your wedding. They specialize in fulfilling your dreams, and are always completely up to date with any wedding related issues. Help from professional wedding planners saves you time and energy as they can help you design a detailed plan, keeping your preferences, instructions and budget in mind.

Zero in on the venue

Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

This is one of the most important steps in your wedding itinerary. You will probably check out a few possible mountain venues for your wedding, but sooner or later you will need to decide at which one you would like to have your wedding!

This is your most special day – you need to get it right! The “TM Wedding Gallery” can help you make the final choice, saving you time that is probably better spent on the finalization of all other important details of your special day.

Consider the interest of your guests

All of your guests have different needs, and you will need to consider at least some of these needs. Everyone wants to enjoy the wedding and share your happiness, but sometimes individual circumstances dictate special arrangements. Wheelchairs for the elderly, transport from the accommodation to the wedding venue and back, dietary requirements, seating preferences and the list goes on. It is best to be prepared and have everything in place when your special day has finally come.

Why will you choose Tamborine Mountain as your wedding venue?

  • Tamborine Mountain is the best place for a mountain wedding as it offers everything that an ideal mountain wedding venue should provide.
  • How about making your wedding reservation at “Eagle Heights Resort”, offering breathtaking views of the Gold Coast? A truly amazing venue for a wedding, it can easily accommodate and cater for up to 125 guests.
  • Or you can opt for the century old “Hilltop Chapel” for your mountain wedding. Raise a toast to your happy married life as you celebrate your wedding day in the heart of the Tamborine Mountain rainforest and National Park!.

With lush greenery all around, the rainforest scenery and breathtaking views of Tamborine Mountain and its surrounds guarantees to be the perfect location for your wedding. Spectacular waterfalls, the botanical garden, quaint churches and chapels, even a cave and flowering gardens will make your wedding as special as you always wanted it to be.