Mountain Biking Equipment Checklist for Mount Tamborine

Mountain biking is often an attractive proposition for people who love to combine the thrill of cross country push biking, an adventurous activity, with the sheer pleasure of riding a bike in the great outdoors. If you are one of these two-wheeled thrill seekers, you need to ensure that you are ready and well equipped to cope with the challenges this popular activity presents.

mountain-bike2Make a detailed checklist of the equipment you need to carry so that you can enjoy a smooth and hassle free day out riding your bike. The better prepared you are, the less likely it is that you will find yourself in trouble while you “on ya bike”.

Let’s have a look at the essentials you must include in your crucial checklist. The first two essential items are of course a helmet and the bike itself.

Clothes and Accessories

Select comfortable and safe footwear designed for safety and confidence

  • Your gloves should be weather –proof.
  • Leg and arm warmers
  • Raincoat
  • Wind jacket
  • Tights or padded shorts

Core Items

  • First aid items
  • A comfortable pair of gloves
  • Clear lenses or sunglasses
  • Water bottle

Main Items for Repair

  • Tire levers
  • Compact pump
  • Extra tubes
  • Basic cycling tools including Allen wrenches

Mount Tamborine is an ideal getaway for adventure activities like mountain biking, excitement, fun and total relaxation.

Mount Tamborine Tours
Mount Tamborine is a beautiful mountain plateau that you simply cannot afford to miss. Satisfy the the adventurous streak within you and explore Tamborine Mountain on foot, on bike or by booking one of th many tours on offer. Tamborine Mountain is located within the short distance of only 70kms from the city of Brisbane.

If you are looking for some real excitement and fun you must try out “Tours on Tamborine Mountain”. There are different options to pick and choose from. You can always plan a weekend getaway and chill out completely.

Wine Tasting Tours
Are you thoroughly exhausted with your routine mundane life? You may not look any further. Try out the wineries of Mount Tamborine that will rejuvenate and indulge you thoroughly. You will find several fine accommodation options to choose from.

Tamborine Mountain Weddings
Young couples love mountain weddings, and getting married on Mount Tamborine is a very often made choice. Young couples can have the most exciting and enchanting wedding, an event to cherish always.

As you experience one of these tours or events, you can revel in the views and the breathtaking scenery all around you, and breathe the pure and unpolluted mountain air. A booming cottage industry, man-made as well as natural attractions, wineries, fine restaurants, exciting events, outdoor activities and some charming and romantic accommodation options are some of the exciting possibilities on offer on Tamborine Mountain.