Major Tourist Attractions on Mount Tamborine

All year round there are lots of things happening on Tamborine Mountain, located only about 70kms away from the city of Brisbane and even less from the Gold Coast. It is the ideal holiday getaway, offering many attractions and interesting sites. Tamborine Mountain is home to several great annual events, and is also a perfect holiday and adventure destination. It rejuvenates all travelers and appeals to an ever increasing number of visitors.

You can indulge in adventure activities like the “Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk”, mountain biking or trekking. Get thoroughly immersed in the natural beauty and the fresh unpolluted mountain scent – Tamborine Mountain activities including its many attractions and events are a sheer pleasure and impossible to resist.

Weddings on Tamborine Mountain are becoming a preferred choice for many wedding couples. Whilst attending a wedding, visitors can i.e. explore the vineyards and breweries and enjoy a memorable experience that will be cherished forever.

Scarecrow Festival on Mount Tamborine

Held in October each year.

Mount Tamborine is very popular for a string of events and festivals it has been hosting. One of the most notable ones is the “Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival”. It is an annual event symbolising the fine lifestyle the local people enjoy on the mountain, inviting you to sample the mountain flavour and festivities. Locals and visitors are invited to create their own traditional scarecrow, or other humanoid sculptures. They are than put on display in front of their houses located on the “Scarecrow Discovery Trail” or erected on the trail anywhere.

There is a competition to make a scarecrow in many different categories, and the winners do not only get an award and some prize money for their efforts – they also have a chance of becoming a local celebrity!

People from all age groups, having intellects at varying levels, artistically challenged participants; all participate with full enthusiasm and zeal resulting in creation of thousands of scarecrows, an amazing experience that has to be seen to experience the beauty of the same.

Moreover, contrary to its name, the competitions go far beyond just creating the scarecrows. There are other events like performing art, entertainment, poetry and colouring-in competitions that add to the variety of activities of the main event. Check out all the scarecrows along the trail at a relaxed pace so that you can enjoy as well as explore everything Mount Tamborine has to offer. The festival will again be held from the 17th to the 19th of October. On the Friday all the scarecrows have to be put up quite early so that the judges can evaluate and decide on the winners in each category.

Mark your calendar for next years’ Scarecrow Festival on Mount Tamborine and make sure to book your accommodation early if you want to take part in both days of the festival!

Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival

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