How will you plan a weekend trip to Tamborine Mountain?

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If you have one day or may be a few, pack your bags and head straight for Tamborine Mountain. This is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to spend a few days submerged in nature and greenery. As you venture into the pristine surroundings of rainforests, waterfalls and National Parks full of wildlife and blooming flowers, your mind will calm down and leave behind the stressful life of the “big smoke”. There are a host of attractions in this area that you can explore. Or you can laze around and sample mouth watering delicacies, go for adventure sports and tour the markets.

Read on to know how you can spend your weekend on Tamborine Mountain:

How will you reach Tamborine?

You can easily reach Tamborine from Brisbane by car or bus. You can arrange for a bus pick up by simply contacting one of the tour companies. You can also drive yourself to Tamborine Mountain. The drive is an exhilarating experience as the roads run through the scintillating rainforest and its lush greenness.

Places to explore

Tamborine Mountain is replete with options you can discover and explore. From adventure trips to day trips to distilleries and farms, Tamborine has all it takes to make it a great place to visit. When you are on Tamborine Mountain, you just have to name it to get it!

The breathtaking Rainforest Skywalk is one place you cannot miss out on. This is an elevated walkway located right in the rainforest. It raises up to 35 meters above the forest ground enabling you to explore the rainforest canopy – this is the place to be if you long for a bit if adventure. The 40 meter long “cantilever” bridge can offer you an experience of a lifetime you will cherish forever.

The Thunderbird Park is another place you will surely love. Visit the park with your family and watch your kids get excited with the multiple activities the place offers. Take the Treetop Challenge, the highest and the longest rope course challenge in Australia.

If you want to explore Tamborine Mountain from high above the grounds, there is no better way than hopping onto a hot air balloon! These balloons will take you across the whole region, offering beautiful views whilst silently floating high up in the skies.

Tamborine Mountain Distillery


Another popular destination is the Tamborine Mountain Distillery, a huge hit with visitors and locals alike. It is well known all over the world and welcomes guests from some of the major countries across the planet.

There are other day tours and guided trips you can opt for if you want to check out more of the fascinating places you will find on Tamborine Mountain.

Where will you eat?

A trip without good food is an incomplete endeavor. When you are on Tamborine Mountain you are in foodie’s heaven! All over the mountain you will find a huge choice of restaurants and cafes offering a range of delectable food. There are plenty of pubs, bistros and take away joints, many of these have been supplying scrumptious dishes to visitors for many, many years.

If you have planned a romantic dining experience, Pethers Rainforest Restaurant can provide you with the perfect setting and excellent food.

Hilltop Restaurant and Art Gallery Cafe, Jacques Manor Restaurant, The Rainforest Grill and Lounge Bar at Thunderbird Park, Heritage Estate Wines Restaurant are some of the other top-notch restaurants on Tamborine Mountain inviting you to try their delicious offerings.

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Where to Stay?

Tamborine Mountain offers a wide range of accommodation options. Starting from luxury hotels and resorts to bed and breakfast accommodation, cabins to cottages, even picturesque camp sites – you will find it all.

Read more about Accommodation on Tamborine Mountain.