All about the weather at Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain – just an hour’s drive from Brisbane will take you to this pristine getaway hidden from the busy commotion of the city.  The mountains offer the perfect setting for all kinds of recreational activities.  From picnics, hiking and weekend trips to camping and even weddings, Tamborine Mountain has an exotic charm that will captivate you every time.

However, when planning a trip to Tamborine Mountain, knowing about the general climate you can expect can help you plan efficiently.  Here’s a summary on the kind of climate that awaits you on Tamborine Mountains.


Lots of Sunshine

Since Queensland has the reputation of being the sunshine state of Australia, you can expect mostly fine and sunny weather.  In fact, abundant sunshine is one of the reasons why people love to come here.

Subtropical Flavour

Tamborine Mountain exudes the typical flavor of the sub-tropics.  So, it’s moderately hot and humid with the wettest months being January and February.  You can enjoy pleasantly cool winters and warm and sunny summers.  The best thing about the climate on this mountain is that you never get to experience harsh and adverse weather conditions.

Near to the City – yet so different

On Tamborine Mountain you will experience temperatures that vastly differ from the city.  Being located 550m above sea level, temperatures on Tamborine Mountain are around 4 to 5 Degrees cooler than at the Gold Coast or Brisbane.  This is one of the many reasons why Tamborine Mountain has over 1 Million visitors every year.  Tourists from all over the world as well as locals living close by frequent this place as the nearest weekend mountain getaway.

Four Seasons

Tamborine Mountain has four seasons but it never experiences any kind of weather extremes. Winters are cool, sometimes a little foggy but frost-free with clear blue skies, while summers are warm with beautiful evenings speckled by occasional thunderstorms.  The many waterfalls on Tamborine Mountain are at their most spectacular after prolonged periods of rainfall.

Rich flora and fauna

The climate of Tamborine Mountain directly impacts on the flora and fauna of the region.  While avocados, kiwi, macadamia nuts and rhubarb grow in abundance, you can also catch glimpses of delightful open gardens and tropical rainforests.
Tamborine Mountain is home to a wide range of exotic creatures.  Animals like ring tail and brush-tail possums, bandicoots, koalas and wallabies can be easily seen here. Also the bevy of a wide variety of butterflies adds a splash of colour to the mountain.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head for Tamborine Mountain today.