How To Do The Mountain Climbers Exercise

Climbing on Tamborine Mountain is one of those exercises that gives your body a complete workout and also soothes your senses when you walk through the lush greenery of the mountain. Of course there are many other forms of exercise – however, nothing can be compared to an actual trek through the mountains. The mountain air can work wonders for the body and your muscles are toned and worked to their fullest.

There is a particular kind of exercise that simulates the rhythm of the body when one climbs the mountain and that can be practiced indoors. On Mount Tamborine, you can get the actual feel of climbing a mountain and experience the benefits for yourself. However, when you come back home, there is no reason for you to stop reaping those benefits. You can perform the exercise at your home or gym and feel the difference straight away.

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The Mountain Climbers Exercise

The “Mountain Climbers Exercise” starts in the classic “push-up” position. Aim at keeping your spine straight whilst placing both hands on the ground. Your elbows are stretched out, your fingers point to your front.

Next, lift your right knee towards the chest. Hold it for a few seconds and bring it back. Repeat with the left knee. Bring the knee as high as possible while maintaining your balance; this movement will improve over time.

Breathing is crucial while doing this exercise. Breathe in while bringing the knee up and breathe out while putting the knee down. Try not to exert yourself too much. Start with ten repetitions each day and you can increase that number as time goes by.

You will slowly feel a pull in your calf muscles when you perform this exercise, which means that they are being worked. The feel is the same when you climb a real mountain. However, you need to remember that too much of anything is not good either and if at any point of time you feel that the muscles are pulling too much or you start experiencing cramps, then stop immediately. Give your legs a day’s rest to and start again the next.

Tamborine Mountain is a very beautiful place. We hope that the wonderful ambiance of a walk through the rainforests and National Parks will imbibe you with the desire to do the mountain climber exercise. It could be the start to a wonderful workout regimen.

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